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नमस्कार दोस्तों मैं एक हिमाचली ब्लॉगर (Himachali Blogger) हुं और मैंने अपनी बलौग इसलिये बनाई है ताकि हिंन्दी भाषा का प्रचार कर सकं ताकि सभी हिन्दी भाषा में ब्लॉगिंग करें व हिन्दी को अपना गौरव मान मर्यादा माने। हिमाचल में इकलौती एैसी Blog/Website है जो नियमित पोस्ट करती है व नया लाती है तोकि हमारे हिमाचली भाई व समस्त भारतीय कुछ अच्छा पढ़ सके। जय हिंद जय भारत। #Imdishu #Hindi Blogs

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What is LED Display and its Advantages and Disadvantages

What is LED Display and its Advantages and Disadvantages

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. LED display uses an array of light emitting diodes as a video display. An LED panel is a small display, or a component of a larger display. These are the most efficient way to turn an electric current into illumination. When a current flows through a diode in the forward direction, it consists of surplus electrons moving in one direction in the lattice and “holes” (voids in the lattice) moving In the other. Occasionally, electrons can recombine with holes. When they do, the process releases energy in the form of photons. This is true for all semiconductor junctions, but LEDs use materials that maximize the effect. The color of the light emitted (corresponding to the energy of the photon) is determined by the semiconductor materials. There are the energy of the LED panels: Conventional (using discrete LEDs) and Surface mounted device (SMD) panels.

Life span of LED is 10 times longer than that of LCD. These provide better picture quality, higher contrast ratio, consume less power, and are thin as compared to LCD monitors.

LED display is typically used as sign board in public transport. It is sometime also used as form of lighting for the purpose of stage lighting rather than display.

Advantages of LED Display:
1.      Slim Design: LED monitors backlighting allows for a slim, sleek design. These are much thinner and lighter than LCD monitors because LED monitors do not use fluorescent bulbs.
2.      Brighter Image: : LED monitors feature impressive contrast ratio that deliver a brighter picture than conventional LCD technology with brilliant image quality. Contrast is enhanced, colors are richer and black has more depth.
3.      Better Color: LED monitors feature more intensity graduation and a larger light wavelength that LCD monitors, delivering true, lifelike colors with better gradation.
4.      Flicker-Free Image: LED Monitors produce virtually flicker-free images, reducing eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches.
5.      Better Picture Quality: LED monitors have better color intensity and do not produce motion blur. With LED lighting technology, light does not escape as it does with LCD technology, so the quality of the images is not affected and the picture remains crisps and clear.
6.      Longer Lifespan: LCD monitors contains fluorescent blubs which have a relatively short lifespan with continuous use and can dim over time. LED monitors offers almost 10 times longerlife than LCD.
7.      Lower Power Consumption: LED monitors consume 30-50% less power than a conventional LCD monitors.
8.      No warm-up period: It does not require a warm up period and lights instantly in nanoseconds.
9.      Controllable: It can be controlled for brightness and color.
10.  Solid State: it is less to damage as it is solid state component.
11.  Environment Friendly: LED-lit display does not contain halogen or mercury (as in LCDs) that makes recycling them safer for the environment.

Limitation or Disadvantages of LED Display:
1.       Currently LEDs are more expensive.
2.      Its performance largly depends upon correct engineering.
3.      With passage of the and change in temperature its quality is affected.

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