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What Is LCD Display and its Advantages or Disadvantages

Hello guys, welcome
Today we’ll discuss about LCD (Liquid Crystal Diode) and I will tell you many Advantages or Disadvantages of LCD Screen.. Keep reading.

what is lcd display and its benefits
LCD Display Picture

LCD Display
LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Diode. LCD technology is used not only in computer screens but also in
televisions. It is a major improvement over the less efficient and bulky ray tube (CRT) screens.
It used a cold cathode and electricity to emit electrons that light up a fluorescent panel of crystals.
 The crystals twist and transform in shape in response to the electrons. The different shapes of the
 crystal determine amount of light show on your screen. The primary inefficiency in this technology is
that electricity is used even when showing black. The panel just blocks the light when black is needed
instead of shutting down the electricity.

Current version of LCD use active matrix technology and have faster refresh rates.

Advantages Of LCD Display:
1.      LCD provides sharp image.
2.      It provides zero geometric distortion at the native resolution of the panel.
3.      Its high peak intensity produce very bright image.
4.      Screens are perfectly flat and thin.
5.      Consume little electricity and produce little heat.
6.      It consumes less power as compare to CRT monitors.

Disadvantages Of LCD Display:
1.      Fluorescent light used in LCD have a relatively shorter life (approximately 10,000 hours). After three to five years, display becomes somewhat dimmer and the deteriorated lights can’t be easily replaced.
2.      LCD panel has a fixed built-in pixel resolution format. All other resolutions images require rescaling, which result in significant image degradation, particularly for fine text and graphics.
3.      It requires careful adjustment of pixel tracking/phase in order to reduce or eliminate digital noise in the image.
4.      It provides limited viewing angle.
5.      It is not suitable for use in dim light and dark environments.
6.      The bright-end of the LCD intensity scale is easily overloaded, which leads to saturation and compression.
7.      Slow response time and scan rate conversion.

8.      It is expensive more power as compare to LED monitors.

Thanks for read please do share with your friends if you loved this article.

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