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What is Google Adsense CTR?

CTR _ CTR is also important for publishers, along with advertisers in the world of
 Advertisers design their ads to get high CTR, and publishers also want to place that ad in such a way, their CTR increases. This is also true for Adsense Advertisers and Publishers. Let's talk about Adsense CTR today.
What is CTR ? , what is click throw rate
Many bloggers often ask questions, so it is important to write a post on CTR. So that readers of my blog can get enough information about click through rate.

In terms of advertisers and publishers, CTR is a very important factor in selling and earning products, whose role is very important. If you fail to get enough clicks, the advertiser will not advertise you. So let's enter the world of CTR, so that you can get this information.

What is CTR?
Click through rate is called CTR. In simple terms, the number of times an ad is clicked is divided by the number of ads, ad units, or webpage loaded.

This is the percentage of clicks on the ad and the percentage of page view count.

CTR formula

CTR = Number of clicks / number of ads loaded

CTR% = (number of clicks / number of ads loaded) * 100

So if your ad loaded 100 times on a page and clicked with 4 people, CTR would be 4%. The higher the CTR on your website, the better you get the ads. So you have my advice, place the ads there where it is clearly visible to the visitors and it is easy to click on them. This formula is also applicable for AdSense CTR.

Great CTR
Many publishers question how many CTRs they consider to be great? While the other publishers say that the clicks are getting enough but the revenue is getting very low?

Adsense CTR
When it comes to Adsense, this math fails, even if there is a lot of CTR, there is no guarantee of good earning. You need to pay more attention to the ads which are getting more pay per click. Here too, it is possible to get a price equal to ten clicks in one click.
Solutions by: Imdishu inc.

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