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नमस्कार दोस्तों मैं एक हिमाचली ब्लॉगर (Himachali Blogger) हुं और मैंने अपनी बलौग इसलिये बनाई है ताकि हिंन्दी भाषा का प्रचार कर सकं ताकि सभी हिन्दी भाषा में ब्लॉगिंग करें व हिन्दी को अपना गौरव मान मर्यादा माने। हिमाचल में इकलौती एैसी Blog/Website है जो नियमित पोस्ट करती है व नया लाती है तोकि हमारे हिमाचली भाई व समस्त भारतीय कुछ अच्छा पढ़ सके। जय हिंद जय भारत। #Imdishu #Hindi Blogs

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Save girls if you are man

Save girls

Hello friends, today I am present in front of you and there is a question in my mind which I want from you, my question is with every reader who read this question: - I want to ask you why the daughters would be killed in the same peoples. is ? Your daughter is daughter and second daughter's goods? Where is your innocence? After all, what are the girls rap and murder in India? Tell me!
Those who do this do not belong to the other world but your feet are there, so why do not you stop them from doing so? After all, why do people say to others, "Yes, this is right, like this one should do with a girl like this, and do the stupid people come to them and make rap and murder? Why?
And how long? After all, how long will people keep performing animals? When this country will become a happy country where no one will be killed, no one will be raped, no one will be an enemy of anyone,
Just imagine, seeing the world's friends, where there will be only love and happiness, seeing the circumstances, I can say that this can only be imagined!
Do not know what time it will be like this life, if we try, surely we will be able to win and save life,
If you see a lonely girl on the deserted road in the middle of the night, then bring her home safely, this will tell you about your masculinity!
Today, you will get somebody's sister safely home to her house, tomorrow, know what your sister is going to get to the house safely!
If the bus is alone in the evening and is waiting for the arrival of the bus, then you will talk to him for a while, that will make him feel secure and people will be afraid of seeing a man with him and will not tell him anything,
And he will reach the safe home too!
Most girls do not feel secure even after meeting friends and classmates with them, you have to feel that they are absolutely safe with you, and this will happen only when you remove dirty thoughts from your mind! So change thinking
If you are married and have a son and daughter in your house then you are destined, but if you do not give good education to your children then it will prove to be unfortunate for you in future, and at that time you will feel embarrassed, then this day It is good to see that today children give good communication.
Even after being educated, people behave like animals, if they have to stop, then change yourself and then give good education to your children so that they can become a good person.
If you agree with me, then share this message so much that the name of the omega is lost, and every girl should make herself feel safe!
Change thinking because "sin is in our thinking, not from the body
And water of pilgrims cleans our body, not thinking "
So, clean the thinking, you can do it yourself, you can not erase the mood of the mind by going into any pilgrimage place,
"Where the muddle of mind does not end, which work of pilgrimage,
O human, where it is lost, go to the same place in the heart. "
If it is good to share and keep the sympathy for someone in the heart, if you are good then the world is good!
Change the thinking world will change!
Save our daughters ! Make  the daughter educated! Save your culture ! Save humanity ! Save the world!
Thank you.
Jai Himachal! Jai Bharat !

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